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Did WWE Give Us The Ole "Bait and Switch?"

In our second episode of the WrestleChat Podcast, I connect with my long-time friend and host of the Battleground Podcast, BATTLE.

One of the things we discuss is whether WWE gave us the "bait and switch" at WrestleMania 39! The stage was set. The story was told. The only thing left was for Cody to bring home GOLD!

But, instead, on the #RawAfterMania it looks as though Cody's attention was turned to THE BEAST, Brock Lesnar! Does this mean the story with Roman is on pause? Is it over? Were these the original plans all along? I guess only time will tell and we'll be here to share our thoughts as we go along!

We also discuss the possible reason "Switchblade" Jay White, one of wrestling's hottest free agents, decided to go with AEW instead of the nearly sure bet of signing with WWE!

Check out the latest episode. And, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. We want you to be part of the chat too!

- Ant

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