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Is the 'ANGRY TWEET' Tony's Finishing Move?

In this episode of the WrestleChat podcast, Ant & Michael dive into the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling.

They discuss TNA's return at Hard to Kill, Mickie James' new role, and R-Truth's contribution to the Judgement Day.

The focus then shifts to Tony Khan's Twitter meltdown, sparked by a series of tweets related to Jinder Mahal's upcoming title shot. Ant & Michael analyze the situation, expressing mixed feelings about Tony's tweets and questioning the criticism of Jinder Mahal's recent performance.

The conversation delves into the layers of the issue, from Tony Khan's approach to addressing WWE to the unexpected support for Jinder Mahal's WWE title run.

Overall, the hosts explore the complexities of the wrestling world, providing insights and opinions on the latest controversies.

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