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The 'RATED R ERA' Has Begun!

Adam Copeland (Edge) is ALL ELITE!

Needless to say, AEW's "WRESTLEDREAM" PPV was just that, a dream! Unbelievable action from all the competitors, bell to bell, with no 'let me up match' for the entire card!

But, it was the appearance of Adam Copeland that left all the pro wrestling world buzzing when "WRESTLEDREAM" was over. YES, WWE Hall of Famer, Adam "EDGE" Copeland is now ALL ELITE!

From FIGHTFUL SELECT: Regarding his theme, WWE never held exclusive licensing rights to the song, as Fightful Select had speculated today. However, there were some surprised people within AEW that WWE had allowed the "Rated R Superstar" trademark lapse, and didn't bother to renew it when it became clear he was going to leave.

I'm looking forward to what's next for Adam and hope they follow this up with something big this coming Wednesday! - Ant

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