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What Could We Learn From The French Crowd At 'BACKLASH'?

The Frenzy of Backlash:Reflecting on the recent Backlash event, AntMan and MG couldn't get over the electric atmosphere. The French crowd stole the show, maintaining a fever-pitch level of excitement for hours. Whether chanting for AJ Styles or singing Cody Rhodes’ entrance theme word for word, the audience added unparalleled energy to the event. "What can we learn from the French crowd?" AntMan asks, emphasizing how gratitude for the little things makes a big difference.

WrestleMania 41 Announced:The announcement of WrestleMania 41 happening in Las Vegas left the hosts thrilled and intrigued. Although Minneapolis was initially rumored as a contender, the entertainment capital of the world seems to be a fitting choice for this mega-event. Speculating whether WWE might consider hosting events like Raw and SmackDown at the newly opened Sphere, AntMan and Michael imagine the unique experience this cutting-edge venue could offer.

King & Queen of the Ring Tournament:The King and Queen of the Ring tournament returns with a bang. This time, WWE will host some of the matches at non-televised live events, adding a fresh and unpredictable twist. Gunther emerges as a strong contender to take the crown, while Becky Lynch puts her Women's World Title on the line! The Judgment Day's turbulent dynamics and injury setbacks add another layer of intrigue as Liv Morgan might be leaving hints of a Judgment Day connection.

New Announcers and Farewell to a Legend:Excitement builds for the announcer shakeup between SmackDown and NXT as Alicia Taylor moves to SmackDown and Mike Rome heads to NXT.

In other news, wrestling legend Jerry Lawler quietly departs WWE following the expiration of his contract. Despite this, his ongoing legends contract allows fans to expect his legacy to continue in some capacity.

The WrestleChat Podcast keeps the flame alive by covering every exciting development in professional wrestling. Whether it’s Backlash, WrestleMania, or the King and Queen of the Ring tournament, AntMan and Michael Glavin dissect it all with their signature flair.

Join us next Tuesday before NXT as we dive into more wrestling insights, surprises, and predictions. Stay tuned, and until then, keep talking wrestling!

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